Vantage Point

Client Name

Vantage Point





Health Coaching

A New Vantage Point

What they asked us

Launch a simple website that exposes potential leads to Vantage Point’s new business offering and subsequently converts them into clients.

Our sense of the problem

Health coaching business, Vantage Point, was seeking to grow their customer base but had no tangible or organized way of sharing information about the service.

The opportunity

During the early stages of Vantage Point’s business development, a website that empathizes with users, and shares information about the service value and process could capture potential clients.

What we did

We spent time with the founder, Adam Chang, to understand his business goals, services, methodology, story, and target audience. Then we developed a brand design and logo to reflect the modern, clean, and healthy nature of the brand, and organized a photoshoot to give prominence to his personality. We worked with him to create authentic content that his audience could emotionally relate to and understand, and designed a website experience to support his business growth.


New logo

New brand identity

Sales-oriented website

Established Google credibility

The Return on Investment


Brand Identity

Created a brand design and logo that reflected the brand personality, values, and purpose.


Organized a photoshoot to personalize the brand and showcase Adam Chang’s personality.

Content Development

Write all the website content by outlining the brand story, services, key benefits, etc.

Website Development

Designed a search engine optimized website experience to reflect the brand and empathize with target users.

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