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The Cove Global






A Safe Haven

What they asked us

Build a resource platform for single moms.

Our sense of the problem

The team behind The Cove Global had done all the legwork putting together the resources to bring their organization to life. The only thing that was setting them back however, was that their key offering (a resource platform) didn’t yet exist, and they were tired of telling people “website is coming soon...”

The opportunity

Single mothers are more likely to trust the advice and support of other mothers who understand them and empathize with their situation. As a platform for single mothers, we needed to deeply understand their struggles and challenges.

What we did

We first spent time interviewing single mothers in order to understand their unique journey, and gain clarity on what a meaningful user experience means for them. We learned that the brand design and website navigation needed to prioritize ease of use and comfort. We organized a photoshoot with The Cove Global founding team, that focussed on capturing warm and friendly images in order to match The Cove Global brand identity and provide users with a sense of trust through the website. To create The Cove Global membership space, we integrated a customized platform that members could easily log in to and access. To optimize the effectiveness of the new website, we set up a google listing and google reviews to establish credibility and make the site easier to find.


Actionable insight into users needs and goals

Established and clarified target market

Distinct identity and image

Brand strategy and communication guide

Brand image library

Calming user-friendly website

Over 150 members accessing the website

The Return on Investment


Audience Research

Interviewed the target audience and studied conversations in online single mom groups to understand their needs, challenges, and goals to underscore the value of The Cove Global platform.

Brand Discovery

Interviewed founding members to understand the brand’s history and purpose, and to gain perspective on the target audience’s needs, challenges, and goals.

Brand Strategy

Provided a detailed outline of what defines the brand and the reason it exists, which includes: values, promise, personality, value proposition, positioning, competencies, voice, and language.

Brand Identity

Created a brand design that reflected the brand personality, values and mission.


Organized a photoshoot to personalize the brand and what it represents.

Website Development

Designed a website that empathized with single moms and provided required functionality for the membership and resource database.

They fully embraced our vision

“We were creating a website from scratch, and knew nothing. GreenX Media walked us through the entire process. Gurvir and Yael answered all our rookie questions, were so unbelievably patient, spoke in terms we could understand, and explained every detail and option to us. They were, and still are, so quick to get back to us answering any of our questions, and giving explanations as to why or why not certain things would work well for our site. They fully embraced our vision for the site and made it feel warm and cozy just like we had envisioned. It was obvious right from the start that they take great pride in making sure that together we could create a website that we would all be proud of. They succeeded 100%!”

Heidi Clapham
Co-Founder, The Cove Global
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