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Luxury, Fashion

100 Years of Distinction

What they asked us

Samuelsohn, a high-end North American men’s fashion brand, was celebrating their 100th year anniversary, and needed to create an accurate representation of their brand.

Our sense of the problem

Samuelsohn lacks clarity on what makes them different, how they are seen, why they’re chosen over other brands in the marketplace, and by whom.

The opportunity

Clarify Samuelsohn’s brand identity by gaining perspectives from the clothing professionals that deeply understand the suit purchasing experience and have been selling Samuelsohn—amongst other menswear—for decades.

What we did

We first spent time clarifying the purpose of the research and understanding the significance of the 100th anniversary celebration. Then we created a comprehensive research plan that included specific objectives, key questions, and methodology. In order to determine which boutique specialty menswear shops to interview, we established criteria that aligned with our objectives, and subsequently analyzed their positioning and product offerings. Once we had a list, we cold called these stores and conducted 1-hour long interviews with seasoned clothing professionals who love selling Samuelsohn. After approximately 20 insightful conversations, we were able to underscore consistencies of Samuelsohn’s brand identity and presented a synthesized summary of the findings.


Clarified key differentiators

Identified value proposition

Clarified positioning strategy

Unsolicited customer feedback

Uncovered blindspots related to product, logistics, and customer experience

The Return on Investment


Customer Research

Studied the product offerings and positioning of Samuelsohn’s retailers.

Customer Interviews

Interviewed sales people of 20 loyal retailers who have sold Samuelsohn to their customers for over 75 years.


Underscored consistencies of Samuelsohn’s brand identity discovered through interviews.

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