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Giving Physio a Facelift

What they asked us

Despite undergoing several website rebuilds with various agencies in five years, LIFT Physiotherapy, a boutique physio clinic, wanted to modernize their website and online image.

Our sense of the problem

LIFT Physiotherapy’s website did not reflect who they are or the experience they provide.

The opportunity

Most physiotherapy clinics feel like a doctors office. Solutions are cookie-cutter, and the experience is often uncomfortable. LIFT Physiotherapy’s key selling features however are their modern facility, compassionate care, and highly-individualized approach, which could be enticing benefits if shared with users online.

What we did

We first clarified the business goals and desired purpose of the website. Then we spent time learning about the industry and their competitors, and conducted interviews with the LIFT Physiotherapy team and their clients to hear first hand experiences. We watched user behaviour recordings to inform the new content and design a user-friendly experience. Through this research, we gained an understanding of the experiences and pain points related to physiotherapy, and clarified the unique value of LIFT Physiotherapy and their key benefits. We used our research to create an image and website experience that reflected their brand and empathized with users seeking physiotherapy. Finally, we developed a speedy and accessible custom-coded website.


Actionable insight into clients needs and goals

Established and clarified target market

Repositioned as a boutique physiotherapy clinic rather than a sports clinic

Rebranded identity and image

Brand image library

User-friendly website that has seen a 100% increase in engagement

The Return on Investment

40-50% monthly customer growth

50% increase in monthly revenue


Customer Research

Interviewed loyal customers, and reviewed testimonials, to understand customer needs, challenges, goals and first-hand experiences, and underscore what makes LIFT Physiotherapy different.

Brand Discovery

Interviewed all team members to gain perspective on their target customers’ needs, challenges, and goals, and to understand their approach, purpose, values, and personality.

Competitor Research

Compared top 10 competitors to determine LIFT Physiotherapy’s key difference and value proposition.

Customer Persona

Provided a detailed description of the target audience, informed by research conducted.

Brand Strategy

Provided a detailed outline of what defines the brand and the reason it exists, which includes: values, promise, personality, value proposition, positioning, features vs. benefits, voice, language.

Brand Identity

Created a brand design that reflected the brand personality, brand promise, and look of the physical location.


Organized a photoshoot to reflect the brand personality and experience.

Website Development

Designed a website experience that reflects the brand and empathizes with users seeking physiotherapy.

Search Engine Optimization

Provide ongoing website services to increase website traffic, and target specific populations that align with LIFT Physiotherapy’s goals.

Now we consistently get new clients through our website

“Wow! I can't say enough good things about GreenX. We used them to develop our website (third time around in 5 years)!! Before working with them our website was barely visible on search engines. They revamped our website with effective SEO. Now we consistently get new clients through our website. We have NEVER worked with a company that is so professional, on point, detail oriented, results driven with a very clear process. The best part was their transparency and honesty throughout the process."

Elysha Phillpots
Owner, LIFT Physiotherapy
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