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Driving Users to Local Stores

What they asked us

Jump+, North America's largest Apple Premium Reseller with 17 stores across Canada, wanted to increase in-store foot traffic and purchases.

Our sense of the problem

The Jump+ website was positioned as an eCommerce site, which encouraged users to shop online rather than in store. However, Jump+ is a premium brick-and-mortar retail experience, not an eCommerce platform. Therefore, users were expecting something they weren’t getting, and unaware of the inherent value of going into their local jump+ store.

The opportunity

Position Jump+’s website as a brick-and-mortar shopping experience by guiding the user to their local store location.

What we did

We first spent time clarifying the business goal, and analyzed user data to identify gaps. The data revealed an inconsistency between the existing user journey which directed users to shop on the website and the desired user journey of going into the local Jump+ store. Additionally, users weren’t provided with a compelling reason to go into stores (ex: no imagery). To address this problem we guided users to go into the stores by giving them the information they needed to take that action. This included optimizing the Google Business Profile, capturing high res images from Jump+ stores so users can understand what to expect, and building landing pages for each location. After one month with new changes, we monitored user behaviour and provided suggestions to the website team to improve the user journey even further.


Positioned website according to business proposition and goals

Improved user experience

17 designated location pages

352% increase in new website visitors

53% decrease in bounce rate

Brand image library

The Return on Investment


User Research

Analyzed user behaviour to identify their needs and gaps in their experience.


Captured photos of store locations to reflect the brand experience on the Google Business Profiles and website.

Website Design

Designed designated webpages for each Jump+ location to provide a catered user experience.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimized Google Business Profiles (local SEO) for each location, and built the new website pages for organic search.

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