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What they asked us

Start-up digital certification company, Gutenberg Certs, allocated a substantial budget to digital marketing and wanted to maximize their return on investment.

Our sense of the problem

The Gutenberg Certs team wasn’t clear on factors contributing to current sales performance and needed to make informed changes to see desired results.

The opportunity

To understand why prospective customers weren’t buying, we needed to understand who was buying and why. By getting hyper specific about the target market and the value of the product to them, we could then ascertain the reason behind low sales and determine which changes were required.

What we did

We spent time learning the product by trying it and auditing the user experience. Then we analyzed marketing data and Google Analytics in an attempt to determine if the ads caused low sales. From there, we studied user behaviour through user tracking data to identify unmet user needs, and challenges. We conducted an in depth competitor analysis to determine the Gutenberg Certs’ competitive difference. To validate their value proposition, we conducted extensive customer research through interviews, testimonial analysis, reviewing customer emails, analyzing customer data, keyword research, and studying online discussions. We eventually clarified and validated the reason behind low sales, established the true benefits and value of Gutenberg Certs, and specified the target market's needs, challenges, and goals. To make the research actionable and ultimately improve sales, we provided specific recommendations to improve their marketing strategy and user experience, and created a comprehensive brand communication guide.


Targeted improvements to boost sales performance

Clarified key difference and value proposition

Specified users challenges, needs and goals

Recommended changes to improve user experience

Brand communication guideline

The Return on Investment


Marketing Analysis

Evaluated ad data and Google analytics to understand the effectiveness of digital marketing efforts.

User Research

Analyzed the user journey and behaviour on the website to understand user goals, challenges, and identify necessary changes to improve conversions.

Customer Research

Interviewed loyal customers, reviewed testimonials and customer emails, and analyzed customer data to underscore the key benefits of Gutenberg Certs, gain clarity on the target market, and identify changes to increase conversions.

Competitor Research

Compared top 10 competitors to determine Gutenberg Certs’ key difference and value proposition.

Keyword Research

Analyzed highly searched keywords to understand users goals and needs.

Customer Persona

Provided a detailed description of the target audience, informed by research conducted.

Brand Strategy

Provided a detailed outline of what defines the brand and the reason it exists, which includes: values, promise, personality, value proposition, positioning, features vs. benefits, voice, language.

An enlightening experience and invaluable undertaking

“Superb communication, engaging, personable, highly responsive, and able to adhere to aggressive timelines. We came to GreenX Co. for a solution to our sales problem. They uncovered underlying causes preventing us from growth in a highly competitive market. Their insights gave us clarity on our true difference and value to our ideal customers. They also provided clear actionable steps to target, convert and retain them. Yael and Gurvir are highly professional, detail oriented, patient and take the time to understand their clients needs and potential. An invaluable undertaking, skillful execution and highly recommended for any business looking to better understand and grow their customer base.”

Ophyr Mourad
Marketing Director, Gutenberg Certs
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