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Frodis Family Law






A Truthful Representation

What they asked us

The Frodis Family Law team was moving into their new office space, and they wanted a website that matched their new look.

Our sense of the problem

Frodis Family Law’s website did not reflect who they are or the experience they provide.

The opportunity

When a new client comes to Frodis Family Law, they are not only experiencing emotional and psychological trauma, but they also have a pre-existing lack of trust for lawyers due to the negative stereotype portrayed in the media. Frodis Family Law’s first touch point with potential clients (the website) could reassure clients that they’ll provide compassion, attention, and outstanding results.

What we did

We spent time working with the Frodis Family Law team members to understand the nature of their work and relationships with clients. This informed our design for a new comprehensive website which reflects the look and feel of the new office space, and matches the client experience. We then interviewed several clients to gain deeper insight into their family law journey to inform a website experience that resonates and empathizes with potential clients seeking family law services. To optimize the effectiveness of their new website and online image, we upgraded their google listing to make their site easier to find.


Actionable insight into users needs and goals

Distinct identity and image

Brand strategy and communication guide

Brand image library

The Return on Investment


User Behaviour Analysis

Studied user behaviour on the old website to understand what users want to see and care about.

Customer Research

Interviewed clients and reviewed testimonials to understand client needs, challenges, goals and first-hand experiences, and to underscore what makes Frodis Family Law different.

Business Discovery

Interviewed team members in various positions to understand the Frodis Family Law approach, and gain perspective on their clients’ needs, challenges, and goals.

Brand Strategy

Provided a detailed outline of what defines the brand and the reason it exists, which includes: values, promise, personality, value proposition, positioning, competencies, voice, and language.

Brand Identity

Created a brand design that reflects the brand personality and service value.


Organized a photoshoot to reflect the brand personality.

Website Development

Designed a website experience that reflects the brand and empathizes with users seeking family law services.

I’m proud of how our firm is presented

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with GreenX. I engaged them to update and modernize our website. I worked with Yael and Gurvir and both of them exceeded all expectations. They responded promptly to all questions and requests (even if we were slow to respond back to them). Ultimately, GreenX produced a product that expresses our firm in a way that is true to our core philosophy and in a way of which we can be proud. I cannot recommend GreenX highly enough.”

Dani Frodis
Owner, Frodis Family Law
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