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A Moving Story

What they asked us

Home organizing and move management business, “Rose & Duck Organizers” was rebranding to “Ducks in a row T.O.”, and needed to create a distinct brand identity and website experience.

Our sense of the problem

Ducks in a row T.O.’s website did not reflect who they are, the value they offer, or the experience they provide.

The opportunity

Moving into a new home involves complex emotions ranging from anxiety about the change to fear of the unknown. It’s also a very time-consuming and stressful endeavour. So if the website empathized with target users, and clearly communicated the service and benefits, the users could realize the value.

What we did

First we worked with Nancy to understand her services and how they all worked together. We then audited the sales, client base, and customer journey, to understand how to position the business. We did a competitor analysis to understand who the major players are, and what they offer. Our research concluded that the business should be positioned as a “Move Management” company, rather than just organizing. From there, we interviewed real estate agents, homeowners, and team members who work with Nancy, to get a deeper understanding of the businesses’ benefits, personality, and overall value. We learned about users’ pain points and goals, which would allow us to empathize with them on the website. Then we spent time brand building, using our research and creativity to design a “fabulous” brand identity that reflects Nancy’s personality and vibe. We took this brand and our extensive research to design a user-focussed website experience. To launch the new brand, we created an awareness campaign across all channels that built excitement around the launch of Ducks in a row T.O.


Actionable insight into clients and real estate partners’ needs and goals

Repositioned business

Distinct identity and image

Brand strategy and communication guide

Brand image library

Memorable user-friendly website

Full channel launch campaign

The Return on Investment


Customer Research

Interviewed loyal customers, and reviewed testimonials, to understand customer needs, challenges, goals and first-hand experiences, and underscore what makes Ducks in a row T.O. different.

User Research

Analyzed user behaviour on the old website to understand what users want to see and care about.

Brand Discovery

Interviewed all team members and real estate agents to gain perspective on their target customers’ needs, challenges, and goals, and the value of Ducks in a row T.O. to various stakeholders.

Business Discovery

Studied the business model and offering, and studied sales, client base, customer journey to determine desired positioning.

Competitor Research

Compared top 10 competitors to understand market gaps and points of competitive difference.

Customer Persona

Provided a detailed description of the target audience, informed by research conducted.

Brand Strategy

Provided a detailed outline of what defines the brand and the reason it exists, which includes: values, promise, personality, value proposition, positioning, competencies, voice, and language.

Brand Identity

Created a brand design that reflects the brand personality and service value.


Organized a photoshoot to reflect the brand personality and experience.

Website Development

Designed a website experience that reflects the brand and empathizes with users seeking move management or organizing services.

Launch Campaign

Created awareness campaign to launch the new brand.

Search Engine Optimization

Provide ongoing website services to increase website traffic.

They treat your business as if it’s their own

“When I got the initial quote I was ready to walk away as I felt it was beyond our budget. Yael was persistent and continued to follow up, highlighting the value of the services. I was very impressed with Yael. Fast forward to today and I couldn’t be happier. Yael and Gurvir will treat your business as if it’s their own. They are organized and very detail oriented. They dig deep, asking lots of questions to truly understand your business and your customers' needs. They interviewed me, the owner, my team, and my clients. Yael and Gurvir would send friendly reminders to keep me on task asking for feedback and making sure I was doing my homework. Every phone call or online meeting was always followed up with summary notes and a positive message. I now have a fabulous website that I am so proud to share. It explains my service offerings in a clear concise way, gives insight into who I am and who the people who work with me are. I also have pages of invaluable research to refer back to. So that initial quote that scared me away in hindsight is truly worth every penny.  As the old saying goes…”you have to spend money to make money”. I’m on my way….”

Nancy Duckman
Owner, Ducks in a row T.O.
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