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Dentistry on Liverpool






Bridging Gaps & Brightening Smiles

What they asked us

Attract a market who is seeking to enhance the aesthetics of their teeth and invest in cosmetic procedures.

Our sense of the problem

Dentistry on Liverpool (DOL) was positioned as a family dental clinic, and did not speak to the cosmetic nature of the business and specialized treatments they offer.

The opportunity

When brands directly address a market with particular interests (aesthetics and cosmetic treatments), they’re better able to engage and resonate with them.

What we did

We spent time learning about the dental industry and analyzing user behaviour to gain clarity on what potential (target) patients truly want to know about the practice before contacting them. Then we interviewed team members and patients (especially those in the target market) to gain more meaningful insight into the patient’s goals, needs, and experiences. These interviews also helped reveal the essence of the DOL culture and brand experience. We worked closely with the DOL team to gather the information and content users wanted for the website. We redesigned the visual brand in a way that was consistent with their vision, and created a fast custom website that represents who they are and their difference, while addressing the target market's needs and goals.


Insight into improving patient experience

Repositioned business as a cosmetic & family dental clinic

Distinct identity and image

Brand strategy and communication guide

Brand image library

9 new cosmetic treatment case studies

Memorable user-friendly website

25% increase in new users

The Return on Investment

20-30% monthly customer growth

24% increase in monthly revenue


Patient Research

Interviewed patients and analyzed testimonials, to understand customer needs, challenges, goals and first-hand experiences, and underscore what makes DOL different.

User Research

Analyzed user behaviour on the old website to understand what users want to see and care about.

Patient Persona

Provided a detailed description of the target audience, informed by research conducted.

Brand Discovery

Interviewed team members to gain perspective on their patients’ needs, challenges, and goals, and to understand DOLs' differences.

Brand Strategy

Provided a detailed outline of what defines the brand and the reason it exists, which includes: values, promise, personality, value proposition, positioning, competencies, voice, and language.

Brand Identity

Created a brand design and logo that reflects the brand personality, service value, and experience.


Organized a photoshoot to reflect the brand personality and experience.

Website Development

Designed a website experience that reflects the brand experience and key benefits to the target market.

Search Engine Optimization

Provide ongoing website services to increase website traffic.

Working with them has been effortless and easy

“We started an ambitious campaign to rebrand our business, revamp our website and improve our social media presence. Throughout the whole process both Yael and Gurvir have remained committed to delivering on our shared vision. Working with them has been effortless and easy. They are both knowledgeable, professional, excellent communicators and most importantly passionate about what they do. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone who was interested in marketing their business in the most up-to-date and creative way!”

Adam Maisels
Managing Dentist, Dentistry on Liverpool
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