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What they asked us

Chef Carolyn Cohen wanted to sell her virtual classes online and increase brand engagement.

Our sense of the problem

After 20 years of offering in-person private cooking classes, the pandemic forced Delicious Dish Cooking School to pivot online without a digital marketing strategy to sell classes.

The opportunity

Chef Carolyn Cohen’s key brand strength—her captivating personality and unique teaching style—has played an essential role in her ability to successfully engage her loyal audience. What if that super power was leveraged throughout all marketing communications? And, users were demanding a more accessible and streamlined purchase experience.

What we did

We first worked with Carolyn to draw her instagram audience’s attention towards her cooking class experience through usage of video and instagram reels during and after her live cooking classes. By doing so, she directly invited her audience to join her Delicious Dish cooking classes. Her instagram following increased by 25%. In order to improve the website experience and emphasize the Delicious Dish virtual cooking experience, we rebuilt the website, made Carolyn more prominent and streamlined the user flow, with very clear call to actions, so that visitors could more easily find her classes. Following this, we updated her website processes which allowed Carolyn to focus on her craft rather than dealing with digital headaches. Now she can sell her old classes automatically, making it easy for users to access her virtual classes.


Reconfigured brand positioning

Streamlined purchase experience

User-friendly website

Easy-to-use sustainable website backend

Automated emails for classes and products

The Return on Investment


User Behaviour Tracking

Analyzed user behaviour on the website to determine where to reconfigure content and add call to action buttons.

Website Development

Rebuilt the website to emphasize Carolyn’s unique selling features and make cooking class purchases more easily accessible.

Instagram Strategy

Developed a content strategy and guide for creating and publishing content to engage, grow, and convert her audience.

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