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Mental Health

Addressing Unmet Needs

What they asked us

Internationally recognized psychiatrists were establishing a world-class holistic women’s mental health service, and needed to validate their market opportunity within Ontario and Canada.

Our sense of the problem

The team of physicians relied on their experience to identify the market opportunity from a patient-practitioner level, yet they had not properly defined the business opportunity with research.

The opportunity

Clarify the current and future states of women’s mental health care from public and private health care perspectives by understanding the industry landscape, current healthcare service gaps, and unmet market needs. Then we could define the market opportunity and value proposition of Bria.

What we did

We first spent time learning about the service offering so that we could make sense of the business and establish a direction for the research. Then we created a comprehensive research plan that included specific objectives, parameters, resources required, and intended outcomes. We conducted rigorous industry and competitor research to produce an outline of the industry size, trends, insights, external drivers, operating conditions, demands, forecasts, growth, cost structures, and whitespace, and identified whitespace that the business could address and leverage. We supported the industry research with extensive market research to outline the market size, addressable target market segments, important trends, demands, and addressable unmet needs.


Clarified value proposition

Specified unmet market needs

Defined addressable market size and opportunity

The Return on Investment


Business Analysis

Conducted in depth business discovery to use for research activities.

Industry Research

Used various sources to analyze the market, and provided a detailed analysis of the women's reproductive mental health care sector in Ontario and Canada.

Competitor Research

Evaluated direct and indirect competitors to synthesize the competitive landscape and identify competitive differences.

Market Research

Used various sources to analyze the market, and provided a detailed market analysis.

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