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Body + Soul Fitness






Consistency is KING

What they asked us

Create a strategy to maintain customer engagement during COVID-19 physical distancing restrictions.

Our sense of the problem

Body + Soul Fitness, a personal training business, had historically built relationships with customers through face-to-face interactions, and were unprepared to digitally engage customers when the pandemic hit.

The opportunity

Double down on what the Body + Soul Fitness brand represents and the value they offer, and subsequently use that data and new perspective to effectively engage customers online.

What we did

We had many discussions with the owner to clearly understand the company mission and purpose. We then interviewed team members to gain perspective into trainer-client relationships and clarify Body + Soul Fitness’ difference and value. With this knowledge, we developed a brand strategy that encompassed both the vision for the business and the inherent value it provides. We then developed an Instagram communication strategy to engage their customers in a way that’s consistent with their brand strategy. Since their Instagram platform was previously inactive, we also developed an execution strategy to ensure consistent engagement from the team. This strategy is now used consistently across their business on various platforms for delivering high value content to their audience.


Clarified brand purpose and value

Sustainable content strategy

Increased digital audience engagement

The Return on Investment


Brand Discovery

Interviewed team members to clarify the brand purpose and value proposition, and gain perspective on target customers’ needs, challenges, and goals.

Brand Strategy

Provided a detailed outline of what defines the brand, the reason it exists, and the value it offers.

Instagram Strategy

Provided a content guide and execution plan for creating valuable on-brand content.

We’re now more effective in every other aspect of our business

"I started working with GreenX to initiate our social media presence. I was impressed with their energy and enthusiasm, which were the main factors in deciding to work with them.  I felt that we needed that energy to successfully implement our strategy after many failed attempts trying to do it ourselves.  What I didn’t realize was that GreenX would not only help us launch our social media presence, but would be able to provide much more value than I could have imagined. Through many meetings and discussions, GreenX was able to help us clarify our brand strategy, which has allowed us to be more effective in every other aspect of our business."

Darren Katz
Owner, Body + Soul Fitness
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