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Consistency is KING

Body + Soul Fitness, a personal training business, had historically built relationships with customers through face-to-face interactions, and were unprepared to digitally engage customers when the pandemic hit.

Addressing Unmet Needs

Internationally recognized psychiatrists were establishing a world-class holistic women’s mental health service, and needed to validate their market opportunity within Ontario and Canada.

Driving Users to Local Stores

Jump+, North America's largest Apple Premium Reseller with 17 stores across Canada, wanted to increase in-store foot traffic and purchases.

Providing Proof

Start-up digital certification company, Gutenberg Certs, allocated a substantial budget to digital marketing and wanted to maximize their return on investment.

Giving Physio a Facelift

Despite undergoing several website rebuilds with various agencies in five years, LIFT Physiotherapy, a boutique physio clinic, wanted to modernize their website and online image.

A Moving Story

Home organizing and move management business, “Rose & Duck Organizers” was rebranding to “Ducks in a row T.O.”, and needed to create a distinct brand identity and website experience.

Bridging Gaps & Brightening Smiles

Dentistry on Liverpool (DOL) was positioned as a family dental clinic, and did not speak to the cosmetic nature of the business and specialized treatments they offer.

A New Vantage Point

Health coaching business, Vantage Point, was seeking to grow their customer base but had no tangible or organized way of sharing information about the service.

Get a Taste for Yourself

Chef Carolyn Cohen wanted to sell her virtual classes online and increase brand engagement.

Give It To Me Straight, Doc

Dr. Andrew Morris, world expert in infectious diseases, had been writing weekly emails about COVID-19 since the pandemic emerged and wanted his credible emails to be easily accessible and available to the public.

A Truthful Representation

The Frodis Family Law team was moving into their new office space, and they wanted a website that matched their new look.

A Safe Haven

The team behind The Cove Global had done all the legwork putting together the resources to bring their organization to life. The only thing that was setting them back however, was that their key offering (a resource platform) didn’t yet exist, and they were tired of telling people “website is coming soon...”

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