Yael Morris

“I was intimidated by Yael when we first met – she had an intense energy. I quickly realized that her intensity and enthusiasm was a manifestation of her passion. Yael’s energy is contagious, and anyone who works with her will know that speaking with her works better than drinking coffee – I no longer need to rely on coffee for my morning boost! She has a natural ability to inspire people, bring energy to any kind of project, and make you feel good about who you are and what you do. She makes you feel good because she gets excited about people and businesses, and ultimately becomes obsessed with finding the best solutions for our clients.

Yael is curious and loves to ask “why”. She loves to make sense of things, crystalize the meaning behind things, and understand what makes people special. She has a genuine eagerness to learn about you as an individual, your organization, and your customers.

Yael feels responsible for my success and our clients’ success, and she’ll make sure to address any gaps that are in the way (even if it makes you uncomfortable). She’ll motivate you to be better because she believes in your potential. Her ability to hold everyone she works with accountable to high standards is uplifting, and is what keeps me striving to be better every day.” - Gurvir Chana

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