Gurvir Chana

“At first, I was mostly just inspired by Gurvir’s tech and design magic. I saw him as a media wizard, who knew how to do more than I could even fathom. While this remains true, I realized over time that I was also working with an exceptional human-being.

Gurvir is calm, patient, and kind. When I worry about achieving a result, he says, “don’t worry we’ll figure it out”. He says “we” because he always thinks of we—that he’s in it with you. Every challenge is seen as a possibility, and he makes the seemingly impossible possible. “Can’t” is not in his vocabulary, and you will find yourself surprised with what he can do. What amazes me even more is Gurvir’s humility. He is always incredibly curious, looking for ways to do things better and be better – he is the epitome of an innovator. Gurvir approaches his work with a caring attention to detail, and goes above and beyond to provide our clients with the best possible outcome. He believes people deserve excellence—and that is what he strives towards.

Gurv has an amazing ability to listen, absorb emotion, and precisely translate a vision through creative design. He is incredibly talented, clever, and reliable.

I remember asking Gurvir for graphic design help for an external project, and he said to me with that typical genuine generosity, “your success is my success”. He manifests this with everything he does, both with me, and with our clients.”- Yael Morris

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