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Customers dissatisfied with new product changes. 10% customer turnover.


Understand why, specifically, loyal customers buy from us.


Over $2M saved on inventory, design, production, and human capital

15% sales growth

98% customer retention

Increased ARR by ~$4M

How we did it

Competitor analysis
Customer interviews

Questions we asked

Differentiators: What makes us different from other men’s suit brands?

Pain-points: Why do customers (Retailers) and consumers buy our brand? In what instances would they not? 

Positioning: How are we compared against similar suit brands in the marketplace? 

Insights & Changes



“Can do more with a Samuelsohn custom than any other suit.”

Increased product quality and detailing

Best price for it’s value as a high quality full canvas garment” (Competitive advantage: Niche price point)

Sharpened pricing strategy

North American, “soft shoulder”, classic, traditional, sophisticated, timeless, understated garment.

Scaled back production for new designs and re-focussed efforts on original designs

Now we have a stronger pricing strategy and a more valuable product

"GreenX Co. helped us understand what our customers treasured most about our brand. We were trying to be something we weren’t, and their research reminded us that we need to go back to our roots. The insight they gathered reinforced our true value in the market, and gave us clarity on what specifically we needed to change and prioritize. Now we have a stronger pricing strategy and a more valuable product. It’s resulted in saved costs, happy customers, and higher sales.”

Stephen Granovsky

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