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Website not functioning or driving sales.


Understand why existing patients love us, and the specific problems we solve for them.


38% increase in website conversion rate

45% increase in patient growth

50% increase in monthly revenue

How we did it

Team interviews
Competitor analysis
Testimonial analysis
Customer interviews
Social listening
Keyword research

Questions we asked

Pain points: What challenges do our patients face?

Value proposition: Why are patients so loyal to us?

Differentiators: What makes us different from other Physiotherapists?

Communication: How do patients describe their experience?

Insights & Changes



“I’m frustrated with cookie-cutter solutions at other clinics. LIFT accurately diagnoses my issues before prescribing a solution”

Highlighted core patient pain-points (their undiagnosed problem) in messaging.

“They give customized treatment plans that I can actively work on daily to speed up progress”

Described the LIFT Physio method early in the patient journey to set expectations.

“They take the time to educate me to help me understand my body”

Used imagery to reflect the patient-LIFT physio experience.

Now we consistently get new clients through our website

“Wow! I can't say enough good things about GreenX. We used them to develop our website (third time around in 5 years)!! Before working with them our website was barely visible on search engines. They revamped our website with effective SEO. Now we consistently get new clients through our website. We have NEVER worked with a company that is so professional, on point, detail oriented, results driven with a very clear process. The best part was their transparency and honesty throughout the process."

Elysha Phillpots

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