In-store traffic (and sales) dropped over COVID.


Identify critical touch points in the customer journey that lead to in-store purchase.


20% increase to in-store traffic

352% increase in website traffic

53% increase in website engagement

At least 6% increase to bottom line

How we did it

Team interviews
Ethnographic research in store
Google analytics analysis
User behaviour analysis
Google reviews analysis
Keyword research
Competitor research

Questions we asked

Customer journey: What role does the website play in the customers’ journey?

Intent: How do customers make purchase decisions? How do they want to buy?

Target market: What specific needs and wants do we fulfill?

Difference: How do we serve our customers better than competitors?

Insights & Changes



Customers didn’t know about the in-store experience (a competitive difference) due to lack of imagery and communication.

Captured imagery of each location to showcase the in-store experience

Audience couldn’t find Jump+ in their online search because location pages didn’t exist and local listings weren’t optimized.

Created location pages and optimized Google Listings for each store to make user navigation seamless and meet users in their search

Website positioned as eCommerce site, which set the wrong expectation for purchase. 

Strengthen positioning as brick-and-mortar via introducing location pages and making “stock information” more prominent or product pages.

Measured results in a tangible and relevant way

“We worked with GreenX to find ways that would increase our store traffic. Their in-depth analysis about the user journey identified a clear opportunity to optimize our website. They’re very professional, focused on the objective. Measured results in a tangible and relevant way and were overall a pleasure to deal with.”

Belinda Schneeweiss

Head of Business Development, Jump+

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