Gutenberg Certs



Software as a Service (SaaS)


$300 daily ad spend and no conversions. Also experiencing high customer turnover.


Understand which specific problems we solve for our most loyal customers.


Saved over $20K on marketing spend

*still monitoring outcomes*

How we did it

Product testing and feature analysis
Marketing and sales data analysis
Competitor research
User behaviour analysis
Customer interviews
Testimonial analysis
Customer segmentation
Keyword research
Social listening

Questions we asked

Target market: Who are our best-fit customers? What do existing customers have in common?

Pain points: What problem(s) do we solve, for whom?

User Experience: Is there something related to the user experience that’s preventing usability and/or causing turnover?

Differentiators: What makes us different from competition? What unmet need do we fulfill that competitors don’t?

Value proposition: Why do existing users love us?

Insights & Changes



Marketing messages used “blockchain-secured” “tamper-proof” - features that customers didn’t understand or care about.

Remove jargon or feature descriptions that aren’t relevant to the target audience.

Ideal customers desired Webinar integration feature (no one else has) to issue large volumes of certificates, saving them time and money.

Highlight solution in messaging: “removing the nuisance of manually creating and sending certificates through seamless automation tool.”

Target market searched for best “certificate creation” options.

Optimize keywords through marketing

Onboarding experience was confusing primary users (people in admin roles) causing quick turnover.

Provide a first-time user guide with simple steps to easily create and send certificates. 

An enlightening experience and invaluable undertaking

“Superb communication, engaging, personable, highly responsive, and able to adhere to aggressive timelines. We came to GreenX Co. for a solution to our sales problem. They uncovered underlying causes preventing us from growth in a highly competitive market. Their insights gave us clarity on our true difference and value to our ideal customers. They also provided clear actionable steps to target, convert and retain them. Yael and Gurvir are highly professional, detail oriented, patient and take the time to understand their clients needs and potential. An invaluable undertaking, skillful execution and highly recommended for any business looking to better understand and grow their customer base.”

Ophyr Mourad

Marketing Director, Gutenberg Certs

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