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Not generating new clients from website or Google. Team unsatisfied with online representation.


Understand what types of content would resonate with customers.


30% increase in website conversions

167% increase in website traffic

How we did it

Team interviews
Client interviews
Testimonial analysis
Customer journey mapping
Competitor analysis
User behaviour analysis
Social listening
Keyword research

Questions we asked

Pain points: What experiences and challenges do our ideal customers face?

Value proposition: Why, specifically, do our customers love us?

Communication: What do customers need to know about us to establish trust?

Insights & Changes



New clients are lost about what to do next. They don’t understand the processes of divorce or their legal rights and options.

Educate about the processes of Family Law on the website. Clearly outline expectations for next steps once a client contacts the firm.

Clients have had negative experiences with other lawyers who don’t take the time to listen to the client, understand them or make them feel heard.

Emphasize Frodis Family Law’s compassionate approach of listening and understanding the client above all else.

I want to know my lawyer has been successful in dealing with complex cases.

Highlight their track record via successful case studies, emphasizing the details potential clients could relate to.

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