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No clear direction for business plan or positioning the business.


Define the market gap and opportunity, and clarify competitive differentiation.


Clearly defined value proposition

Specified addressable unmet market needs

Defined addressable market size and opportunity

How we did it

Business analysis
Team interviews
Industry research
Competitor research
Market research
Social listening

Questions we asked

Insights & Changes



No competitors addressing all stages of women’s mental health in Canada (trying to Conceive/Infertility, Pregnant, Postpartum , Perimenopause/Menopause

15-20% of Canadian women experienced a maternal mental health disorder but 85% have not received proper treatment due to a lack of resources. 

85% of mothers with perinatal mental illness do not receive adequate treatment, with a resulting annual economic cost to Canada of approximately $11 billion dollars.

32% of women said their doctor is not comfortable discussing menopause, and only 5% of femtech startups address menopause. 

Limited availability for perinatal or perimenopausal mental health care from a medical (psychiatric) perspective, outside the hospital system

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