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No digital engagement strategy, and no leads month via digital marketing, despite numerous attempts.


Understand what types of content would resonate with customers.


15 leads / month via social media

10% bottomline growth

How we did it

Social listening
Sales data analysis
Team interviews
Customer interviews
Testimonial analysis

Questions we asked

Pain points: What challenges do our ideal customers face? How do we address those pain points?

Value proposition: Why, specifically, do our most loyal clients love coming to us?

Communication: What does our audience of potential customers want to see and read, and why?  

Insights & Changes



Personal training clients want to maintain results and sustainably incorporate learnings and techniques. 

Provide audience with exercise tips and demonstrations that can be incorporated into lifestyle and fitness routines. 

Personal training clients are “impressed with the comprehensive assessments” at Body & Soul, and trust them for their expertise and high standards.

Showcase the in-depth approach to assessing and working with personal training clients. 

Personal training clients feel intimidated by the gym and are fearful of judgement.

Empathize with audience on their insecurities and hesitations, and explain the Body & Soul approach to making them feel comfortable. 

We’re now more effective in every other aspect of our business

"I started working with GreenX to initiate our social media presence. I was impressed with their energy and enthusiasm, which were the main factors in deciding to work with them.  I felt that we needed that energy to successfully implement our strategy after many failed attempts trying to do it ourselves.  What I didn’t realize was that GreenX would not only help us launch our social media presence, but would be able to provide much more value than I could have imagined. Through many meetings and discussions, GreenX was able to help us clarify our brand strategy, which has allowed us to be more effective in every other aspect of our business."

Darren Katz

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