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Our Philosophy

We think of businesses as both economic drivers and social value creators. In order for your business to operate efficiently, win in the marketplace, and meaningfully contribute to society, you need to have perspective on your customers. This means understanding your customers better than they even understand themselves. With this understanding, you can better align your activities—every touchpoint, effort, and function—with your customers’ goals and needs. You can make decisions with clarity, foresight, and intent. And best of all, you can achieve greater growth and performance.

Our Principles

Challenge the status quo

We believe that if you do what you’ve always done, you get what you’ve always gotten. Our goal is to help you get perspective, that is by definition the view from the outside, and it means some serious challenges to status quo thinking.

Your customers

We believe every business’ purpose is to solve a real problem for their customers. In return, you make money. The only way to help more customers and get to buy from you, is by concretely understanding their true needs, desires and experiences. We’re always thinking in terms of your customers.

Problem-first solutions

We believe that problems well-solved require finding out why they’re problems in the first place. It’s cost-efficient and in your best interest. The best part: once you uncover the root problem in one area, you realize opportunities for growth in every other aspect of your business.

Finding truth

We believe that lack of growth is a direct consequence of ignorance. To us, there is nothing more powerful than finding the truth. Because it gives clarity. Clarity leads to better decisions, better use of time and resources, and ultimately, growth.

The Team

We believe the best teammates work collaboratively towards a common goal. They listen with intent, challenge approaches, speak honestly, and fight for each others’ success. We see ourselves as your teammates.

Our clients

Monilex Sports. Ltd.

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