A customer insights group that helps businesses grow sales in the most targeted, data-informed, and profitable way.

Problems we solve

Unsure where to find customers
Customers are leaving to competitors
Prospects are ghosting you
Marketing campaigns aren’t driving new customers
Product expansions are getting low traction
Customers aren’t referring new business
Website isn’t driving conversions
“GreenX Co. helped us understand what our customers treasured most about our brand. We were trying to be something we weren’t, and their research reminded us that we need to go back to our roots. The insight they gathered reinforced our true value in the market, and gave us clarity on what specifically we needed to change and prioritize. Now we have a stronger pricing strategy and a more valuable product. It’s resulted in saved costs, happy customers, and higher sales.

- Stephen Granovsky, CEO, Samuelsohn
This year Samuelsohn grew sales by 15%, saved over $2M on inventory, design, production, and human capital, and had a record 98% customer retention.

Growth objectives we achieve

We uncover hidden customer truths that you can apply directly to your business to realize transformative growth.

Generate more leads

How are your ideal customers searching? We gain insight on where to find your ideal customer, and how they can find you.

Close more deals

How do your ideal customers make decisions? We equip your sales team with customer intel and communications that convert prospects.

Keep existing customers

Why do your customers stay? Why do they leave? We inform you about what’s most important to them so they stay forever.

Get customers raving and referring

Are your customers telling others about you? We identify opportunities within your service offering and experience so they are over the moon.

Lower cost to acquire customers

Are your time and dollar expenditures to get new customers efficient? We identify how they search and think to develop efficient methods of attracting, targeting, and converting them.

What you should expect

Everything we do is by design, with the goal of making you better.

Hard questions

We ask uncomfortable, hard-hitting questions no one has ever asked before. We challenge status quo thinking that makes you better.

Deep dive analysis

We look into aspects of your business you’ve never considered. We get clarity by extracting hidden details you need to inform decisions.

100% honest

We don’t beat around the bush. We don’t hide information from you. We are matter-of-fact and transparent with our thinking, approach, and findings.


We don’t give you our opinions. We ask questions. We get answers. And we deliver truths, based on evidence.

Deep care

We are emotionally invested in your business. We want you to win. We work with passion, hyper-focus, intensity, and an unrelenting desire to reach our collective goals.

What we deliver

Rich and actionable insight to make smarter and easier decisions.

Contextualized Data

The issue is almost never about whether or not the data exists. Most organizations underutilize their information. We look at your data with an objective perspective and make sense of what it means in the context of your business goals. We create a story with that data to give you a clear perspective of your business and customers.

Customer Empathy

Business is about people. We uncover the undeniable truths of the human experience: those moments and emotions you can’t see, but deeply embedded within. Your customers buy with emotion. We talk with them and study them to find out what they truly care about, and why. We’ll help you understand them better than you ever had before. They’ll think, “Wow. They truly know me”.

Data-informed solutions

You have to make decisions. Difficult ones. What to do and what not to do. And you either get stuck or lose money. Because there’s uncertainty. You have no insight. It’s all guesswork. We deliver detailed road maps, grounded in full-bodied insights--specific action items that inform strategic decisions to drive organizational efficiency and grow your bottom line.

Tangible tools to rely on

Frameworks to inform your sales, marketing, and operational decisions.

Customer Personas

Profiles on who customers are (or should be) with granular detail on their goals, needs, problems, frustrations, and experiences so you can communicate in their voice and frame of mind.

Customer Journey Map

A visual framework detailing key touch points with your customers to inform how the entire organization will handle customers so they become customers, remain customers, and refer customers.

Digital Experience Guidelines

Outline of critical touch points customers must experience with you digitally, so they’re finding you, engaging, and converting.

Competitive Points of Difference

A competitor map reflecting how you match up against competition, and why customers should choose you.

Value Proposition & Positioning Statement

Clarity on what true difference you make, and how to clearly and compellingly explain what you do.

Features vs. Benefits Framework

A breakdown of what you do and how it’s different, and the specific reasons why customers (will) feel compelled to buy based on what they’re looking for.

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